Sentry Electrostatic Discharge Monitoring

Sentry Static Control and Monitoring System

Sentry MKIII - The Next Generation

For the last twenty years, the Sentry Control and Monitoring System from Sentry-esd has offered a ready-made solution to the problem faced by QA Managers and ESD Co-ordinators in proving that personnel working on sensitive electronic equipment comply with the relevant electrostatic control regulations.

Over the years, Sentry has evolved to meet industry’s changing needs. The latest model, the MkIII, tests the integrity of conductive footwear and single or dual wrist straps, measuring and logging real values, which allows trends to be monitored. The test time for a wrist strap and two feet is typically only 2 seconds.

In the MkIII Sentry, the measurement circuitry has been improved to cover the range 0KΩ to 1GΩ, with accuracy better than 10%. Accuracy between 100KΩ and 250MΩ is typically better than 2%.

Enhanced measurement capability is matched by the new SentryNet Observer software, which can collect test results and publish reports in real time. This allows users to better achieve compliance with ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 and IEC 61340-5 which require that:

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